Eco-living token that takes you to the next level of investment alongside with environmental concern.

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Boo™ is a mobile apps that works as enabler for several BUMooN green project. Manage your BUMooN token easily alongside with other collections of verified crypto assets which available on BUMooN ecosystem.

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BUMooN Token is a project for individuals who are dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly living, BUMooN is the decentralized yield-generation utility eco-token that delivers an automated liquidity-locking and self-staking direct distribution protocol hence your environmentally conscious investment will be safe, secure and have greater impact.

Garbage Mining

BUMooN aims to provide a reward for green mindset people that in-line on save our planet's programs. We let people trade recyclable garbage for BUMooN tokens.


As the BUMooN tokens aimed at sustainability projects also evolves it’s journey to the next level of balance between environmental, business, and technology, BUMooN teams continuously keep on track to do charity work to grow more oxygen resources.


BUMooN relation and partnership teams managed to work in tandem with Solar Energy Company with the intention of making BUMooN tokens available for reward and also verified carbon reduction collectors provided by the company.


The next level action of carbon reduction, participate over the carbon trading market in return for revenue stream wrapped under the BUMooN closed-loop business models

Don't Get The Wrong Idea


BUMooN offers presale events such as some random burning activities and VIP buyers. In another side we have a token warehouse in purpose to hold, receive, deliver reward, private sale, and distribute the tokens that circulate over the real business activity, those parts are explained in our tokenomics as illustrated below.

40% of Total Supply stored in warehouse will be burned randomly (time, date & amount) until the presale event closes. BUMooN Teams provide 30% of total supply to DEX liquidity pool, LP token received from the pool will be LOCKED for 2 YEARS, 6% taken as developer fee, and lastly 24% has been burned


Long the way ahead to Pluto, so Moon for the short. BUMooN strategic plan wrapped into 4 phase for short, more to come in the future

  • Platform Launch BUMooN launch on June 5th 2021, burned it's tokens up to 24% of total supply. Start presale until Dec 1st 2021. Build a community and social media engangement. Meanwhile another part of teams focuses on partnership, merchandise and green enforcement
  • Enforce, Execute, Engange Listing in top layer Exchange, kick off Save Our Planet Project I (Garbage Mining) in parallel with BUMooN Save Our Planet Apps develop, Routine burn, Plant and Plans (BUMO²N Projects Execute)
  • Expand The Ranger Expand Teams, Garbage Mining drop location, more influencer on the run, SooLAR Execute (Solar Panel Company partners with BUMooN are ready to provide BUMooN as their customer rewards)
  • Last but not least Listing on Exchange part 2, Establish physical BUMooN Office Locations to Facilitate Ecological Operations, Continue to Expand Charity Partnership Network Through Regular Outreach and Collaboration, Mobile Apps enhancement, seek for regulation and legal statement (in parallel on 3rd quarter)

Meet The Maker

We are committed to building trust with our investors and community, conduct good towards the environment by developing sustainable technology backed by professional



Ryan is a Blockchain enthusiast, sociopreneur and eco living mindset that concerned about technology impact to environment and in another hand, he always found a good opportunities for business.



Professional Trader that also work smooth on social media for almost 3 years, got a lot of social media platform managed by him, thumbs up!.



First, money can't makes you happy so do i. second, if my skills makes your money happy, you can ignore the first



Born to be whale, have a lot of connections more than your linkedin on real life, if my CFO can't makes you happy, my name does



All my targets are calculated in seconds, operate faster than your machine. Let's make a good impact to environment together



Technology Nerd, wishes to break something new through it while delivering good to the environment and the world.

Media & Partners

BUMooN are open for partnership, investor relations, and community, BUMooN is for everyone who cares about the environment and technology impact while keeping opportunities in business. Feel free to reach us on our social media


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