Problem Mapping

They Said

"Environmental health is getting worst every year & Blockchain is just a perfect ponzi tools ever made"

Global Temperature

The Global Temperature rise up to more than 1.5ᵒC every year for the past 20 years, this would also impact the world GDP and potential loss up to -18%

Scam Tokens & Money Game

Over $10 Million value of scam case in the past years and new tokens are born every 1 minutes which potentially detected as "Rug Pull" projects and even our projects copied many times with the same business model


Bridge between conventional business & blockchain world


Tokens required to have an underlying projects and useful utility for safe investment and long term technology use case, so we build a dividend tools which work great both for financial and environment, worthy to become reward for every positive movement, and synchronize everything.

Circular Business

If there are no revenue generated, it means this all is just a money game. So we treat our tokens as a dividend tools to make bumoon tokens become an endless stream of income with several web 2.0 lifestyle integration
about bumoon

Environmental Activities

How does it works

Garbage Collecting

Get your bags full of recyclable waste, make sure you have separate it by categories. B2B or B2C are welcome

Drop it into the garbage mining pool / hub

Once you ready, let's search for the nearest garbage mining pool / hub in your current location trough Boo!

You get the reward and we get all we need

We calculate the threshold and total reward as well as the carbon unit collected through the process

The Magic Box

Submitted garbage / waste will be processed through the magic box

Carbon and garbage succesfully calculated and collected, it's time to deploy on the blockchain!

We will transfer the reward through Boo!, and the verified carbon unit will be deployed into the blockchain

Wait, we also got a derivative product

Thanks to The Magic Box, we got over 10 variants of high quality products output from the magic box

Sell the derivative products as well as verified carbon units

Sold and gain the revenue for our ecosystems

Spread The Dividend

Re-entry the generated income back into the blockchain through the buyback mechanism and at this point BUMooN token will do the job as dividend tools

Crypto Adoption

Implement a massive adoption for crypto assets to become borderless

In order to achieve a massive adoption, the market needs to become gradient towards The Decentralized. We working on problems that create demands therefore we scale up into the sub-project to be more accurate, educate, bridging, solve etc. Empowered with blockchain

The Reward Gateway

If your business are suitable and/or have been implementing a reward mechanism, we bring you the best B2B solution which is not limited just only for environmental activities

Expand your market potential by integrate with our ecosystem and automatically reward your customer within the gamification methodology to attract more customer and growth hacking your business values


Centralize & Decentralize Exchanges

Don't Get The Wrong Idea

Frequently Asked Question

When will the business give a stable income and implement buyback routine?
Because we do a conventional business in hybrid concept, revenues are generated perodically so therefore a certain time when the buyback mechanism will be implement depends on the projects cashflow health. This activities will also reported on our docs
How to participate in environmental activities?
See the docs how to participate in bumoon environmental activities, B2B are welcome
How to register my business to integrate with bumoon Ecosystem?
Kindly contact us partnership@bumoon.io
I'd like to buy bumoon derivative products. how do i get those items?
Kindly contact us marketing@bumoon.io